Aug 1, 2015

Phacelia tanacetifolia - "Bee's Friend"

"Bienenfreund" in German

It's a tall plant at it's peak - shown here behind second-growth rhubarb clumps.

Jul 28, 2015

A Bee B&B

My Shasta Daisies seem to be offering comfort to the bumblebees in the mornings.

They are not there very first thing in the morning, but when the first strong sun hits the daisies, here come the bumblebees.

They relax in the flower's center.

I wonder if the natural pyrethrins (present in any member of the chrysanthemum family) serve as a bug repellent, for the bugs that bug the bees? They sure do press their bodies down firmly on the center of the flower. Rarely do they linger on the white petals.

Apr 30, 2015

Spring garden favorites and Neah Bay, WA trip

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I had a marvelous trip to Neah Bay and the Cape Flattery Trail to the northwestern-most spot in the lower 48! Spectacular mild weather and few people. What a wonderful place to visit.
 #neahbay #capeflatterytrail

Startling rock formations on Neah Bay shore beaches, near Hoko Creek mouth.

Here also are a few favorite recent shots from around the spring 2015 garden and beyond.

Young #Chokecherry and lavender

Golden light in a Japanese garden fountain. Stunning!

Layers of red Japanese maple, trellised boysenberry, and Kwaanzan cherry

Colorful #Pieris

Brilliant #RoyalRaindrops crabapple

Peacful white #Camellia

Mar 2, 2015

Northwest Flower and Garden Show trip, Feb 2015

In Seattle I attended my first NWFGS. It was mind-blowing!!

Please click any image to view larger.

On entering the Seattle Conference Center, we were stunned by a 16 foot tall heart shape filled with succulents!

Getting closer. The love was REAL.

The succulents themselves were very happy and colonizing well. The colors were wonderful,

The buildings of Seattle along the way were a treat as always.

The show was spectacular, with great shopping.

Dec 5, 2014

VERY special dinner at "C'est si Bon" Restaurant, Port Angeles

Last night we had an exquisite dinner at C'est si Bon Restaurant in Port Angeles, WA. I have driven past it for many years and we finally stopped in. WHAT A TREAT!!!
Click to view a much larger image.

The food was spectacular and the holiday decor is breathtaking!

The prices are not cheap, so if that is a concern just have drinks and dessert. But definitely go!