Nov 8, 2014

Lake Crescent, WA visit

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Gorgeous sunset was such a treat

Fall leaves perfect for shuffling through

Late afternoon shadows; sun slanting beneath cloud deck

Hypnotizing lake water color and fall foliage along the Spruce Trail

Lake Cresecent Lodge serving guests well into the night.

Marymere Rooms at lakeside

Easy Rainforest trails

Patina of age on a mighty old-growth Cedar

Deep blue clear water

Huge maples along the lake

Lodge received a very high ecological award. Click to biggify.

Oct 11, 2014

Freaky for Fall, October 2014

Blueberry foliage

More blueberry foliage


Crape Myrtle

Korean dogwood and Burning Bush

Fireglow euphorbia

Fireglow euphorbia

Godetia, still chugging along!

Last Shasta daisy of 2014

Serbian peony foliage and "Bloodgood" Japanese maple in background

An amazing miniature pink rose from a garage sale. Has not ceased blooming since May!!

This year's dry summer has led to great fall colors. Click any image to view larger!

Closeup of sourwood panicles

Aug 27, 2014

Summer sights

Summer is not complete without gorgeous sunflowers

The heart of summer!!!!
I adore these sunflowers


Joe Pye weed from 2012 seed, "Hanna's Heart" Katsure tree in back.

Jun 29, 2014

Summer garden blossoms

My Lavatera is blooming, and that is a sure sign of summer. Northwesterners say that summer does not start until July 4th, and that is just a few days away. Unbelievable!!

Lavatera Mallow

Payday for the gardener

Boysenberry blossoms

Red currants

Godetia, a new (to me) favorite

Golden Spiraea and bold pink saucer blossoms, buzzing with bees

Candytuft "Fairy Mix" and young  golden privet

Tomato town. One newcomer in front amid the goliaths
Candytuft's geometric structure revealed from straight above

Sourwood, candytuft, Rose-of-Sharon

Cheerful yellow lillies

May 28, 2014

Summer is Here!

The late spring and summer-around-the-corner has been lovely in the garden. Many flowering plants here are at their peak right now.
"Gallery Pink" Lupine and "Rozanne" Geraniums

Burning bush with golden foliage, pink Cistus albidus Rock Rose, more "Rozanne"

Clear lilac purple German Bearded Iris

Snowball Viburnum and more patches of "Rozanne"

Check out how beautiful "Rozanne" foliage is when hit with the first frosts.

"Gallery Pink" growing in part shade, hence the lighter color, and Snowballs
My own Garden Club just wrapped up our annual fundraising plant sale. It was a real success and the weather cooperated beautifully.

Pictures are here:

Quilcene-Brinnon Garden Club