Jan 24, 2013

The Carrot Curl, and Other Strange Winter Sights From Years Past

Below: One winter years ago, the conditions were right for the creation of a big frozen wave of icy snow as it slithered down from the metal roof of our barn. Fortunately the satellite dish was not in the way, although it looks like it in the picture.

This curtain of frozen snow lasted for several days. I loved it!

A garland of snow, sagging off of the rail fence.


NJ GardenGirl said...

Just found your blog (from a comment you left on an article on the differences between wordpress.com and .org, of all things!. Your photos are strikingly beautiful, and your topics - and lifeway - are after my own heart. I'll be visiting you again, and hopefully it will help encourage me to get my own blog up and running!

Bonnie Story said...

What a wonderful comment! Inspiring other bloggers is a great thing, thanks so much. Stop by again! Bonnie