Aug 31, 2013

Blueberry Harvest and a few tips.

2013 has been a great berry year here. with dry weather and warm breezy days. I just had to make time to go picking to stock up the freezer with berries to enjoy during winter's dark days.
The beautiful fields at Graysmarsh U-pick Farm, Sequim WA

Blueberry bush laden with perfectly ripe berries!

Just getting started with the pick... I gathered 21 pounds.
TIP: Use a big tote container with big fat handles, it will get full and heavy. Use a smaller container to fill up with a shallow layer of berries at the bush, then dump into the larger container, picking out leaves and stems as you dump.

Spread the berries out on a big baking tray to inspect carefully for smashed berries, stems, leaves, bugs etc.

TIP: To get the sorted berries from the tray into the colander for a rinse,
use a pastry dough scraper, so you are not squeezing or crushing the fruit.

Seeds, squishies and leaves picked out.

From the colander, spread washed berries onto a tea towel. I love these ones from IKEA.
TIP: Use the towel to pick up and pour the berries into a container for bagging. Again, no squeezing or bruising of the berries like you get if you try to grab them up with your hands.

TIP: I use this narrow, shallow container to transfer the berries into freezer bags.
I end up with many fewer berries on the floor this way!

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